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Built In Yellow Filter

Built In Yellow Filter

Internal yellow filter may be conveniently switched in/out quickly for fluorescein techniques

Centralized Control

Joystick with camera shutter control button, brightness control knob and locking control knob, routinely used functions all conveniently Localized in the joystick area for efficient, confident slit lamp control.

Illumination Source

The new improved illumination pathway is created to increase overall luminance. The luminance output of the unit’s 30W Halogen Lamp is comparable to our existing models with a 50W Halogen Lamp

Expanded Slit Width & Height

 A wider slit width & longer slit height capability are attractive features when combined with our new wide field optics.

 Slit width: 0-15mm

 Slit height: 0.5-15mm

 Diaphragm Sizes: 0.2 , 1, 3 , 5, 8, 15mm

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