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Mammography (Analog)

Mammography (Analog)

Product : Mammography (Analog)

Models/Ratings : MAM – VENUS / MAM – VENUS+ (3.5 / 5 kw)

Series : VENUS

Special Features:

  • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)- optional.
  • Auto selection of radiographic factors as per patient’s anatomy (saves time, eliminates retakes, lowers dose, etc.).
  • As an AEC monitors the X-Rays transmitted through the breast, it increases the diagnostic capability.
  • Full featured automatic exposure control with 5 step density control and 5 different film screen combinations. A solid state detector ensures the accuracy and exposure consistency.
  • For quick and fine selection of radiographic parameters for optimum image quality.
  • 3 step Anatomical Programming (APR) for different breast sizes (small, medium and large).
  • Fully compatible with digital stereotactic biopsy device to perform FNA, FNL and Core biopsies.
  • Special emphasis has been laid for patient comfort during biopsy procedures.
  • Digital display of compression parameters.
  • Self diagnostic inter locks.
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