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We Are Provided A High Quality Services

Planned Preventive Maintenance

Al Sahel Medical will ensure that the medical equipment operates in accordance with its design and manufacture parameters and safe working conditions. A regular PPM inspection and equipment calibration will be performed  in  accordance  with  ISO,  JCI,  AAMI,  ECRI,  accepted  standards  and  to confirm with MOH & HAAD Regulatory Requirements.

The asset PM frequency will be in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation or internationally accepted protocols

Corrective maintenance

Al Sahel Medical  will restore  the equipment  to its specified condition  when it fails. This includes normal equipment breakdown maintenance, Routine/Scheduled maintenance, Emergency response,  and On-Call service maintenance activities.

Al Sahel  Medical  will  make  sure  of the  provision  of required spare parts.

Electrical safety testing

Al Sahel Medical will carry out electrical safety test after every planned, preventive & maintenance and whenever necessary for all medical equipment 

User Training and Development Program 

This is an essential tool to minimize equipment breakdown which largely contributes to its maintenance cost. Al Sahel Medical will assess the training need requirements by the end-users and will prioritize on those equipment categories with high failure rate of user related errors.

Al Sahel Medical will prepare yearly training schedules for approval by the health care authority before execution. Under this program information on hazards, equipment operation overview, user errors, equipment use, as well as electrical safety will be shared and discussed.  

Users will be trained on the proper and correct usage and operation of the equipment.