Auto ELISA Processor

Pipetting probe, 1ul stepping (1000ul volumes).

②. Total 25 racks, arbitrary rack can be defined as sample or reagent on the software.

③. 4 units 96 well microplates (pipetting,incubator,reading).


odel 4000
Sample Pipetting Unit Sample Rack 24 sample tubes/rack, at most 23 racks
Primary Sample Tubes 11.5-13mm
Pipetting 8ul~1000ul, (10ul) CV<5%
Time To Dispense  

8 minutes adding 96 samples

Dispensing System 1 aspirating-dispensing probe with X-Y-Z movement;dilution system with a syringe of 1000ul, continuous flow washing station.
Reagent Pipetting Unit Reagent Racks 2 reagent tanks(60ml)/ rack, at most 23 racks
QC Racks 24 positions/QC rack, at most 23 racks
Pipetting 8ul~1000ul,1ul stepping
Pipetting Precision (100ul )CV≤0.5%
Time To Dispense 2 minutes(typical)^100ul of 96 reagents to plate from reagent bottle
Washing Unit Programmable Yes(options & parameters)
Wash Containers 3 wash buffers at 2.0L, 1 wash buffers at 5.0L,with level-sensing
Waste Containers 25L with waste full sensor
Washing System two 8 nozzle manifolds, one to dispense and the other one to aspirate
Washing Residual <2μl
Reading unit Reading System 8 independent photometric channels with mono and bichromatic reading capability
Photometric Range 0.000 ~3.000 OD
Spectral Range 400-700nm
Optical Filters 2 precision filters (450and 630nm); 2 more on request (4 filters max, 405 nm, 450 nm, 492 nm and 630 nm)
Reading Inaccuracy inaccuracy±1% from 0.000 to 1.500 OD, ±2% from 1.500 to 3.000 OD
Incubation unit Incubators 4 independent units
Programmable Yes
Temperature Range RT to 45 °C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5℃
Temperature Staility ±0.5℃
Software unit Software System Windows 7 /8/10 or above, LIS system available
Function Application Work list set up, patient reports and result filing; calibration curve ,storage for each carried out test
Data Reduction Cut-off (qualitative)
Physical Specification Power Supply AC220V  10%,50/60Hz,450W
Instrument Dimension (L*W*H) 1100*720*700mm
Package Dimension (L*W*H) 1380*910*980mm
Total Weight 150kg
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