Digital Radiography System (Mobile)

Models/Ratings : 15/20/32/40/50 KW

Series : MobilX DR

Special Features:

  • 2 point / 3 point exposure technic.
  • Customer specific unlimited APR programming.
  • 360° rotation of equipment without disturbing its center.
  • Mobile DR can be synchronized with existing hospital network.
  • Telescopic swivel tube arm with ±270°.
  • Inch move controls for precise positioning of the equipment with respect to the patient.
  • Most suitable in a hospital set up where mobile radiographs are performed on patients (pediatric/adult) who are incapable of being moved or are difficult to move.
  • On a daily basis, the use of mobile DR greatly speeds up the throughput of trauma / ICU patients.
  • Examinations are swift with high definition digital images produced within seconds after exposure.
  • The immediate reproducibility of images enables trauma assessment teams to act instantly on the clinical information e.g., doctors can interpret fractures immediately in the emergency / trauma room.
  • Accelerates diagnosis and treatment plans as the patient is not required to be transferred to dedicated x-ray rooms.
  • Images are displayed on the integrated monitor, as such retakes can be immediately undertaken & additional image views can be chosen.
  • Wi-Fi (wireless) detector.
  • User friendly 17″ large touch screen operating console.
  • Motor assisted noise free movements.
  • Battery powered.
  • Separate power pack for X-Ray generator.
  • Motor drive and console PC.
  • Integra X Integrated image acquisition system.
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