The benefit of moist heat treatment for arthritis, bursitis, muscle spasm, back pain and joint stiffness is recognized by leading medical and sports training experts everywhere. However, the biggest challenge has been heating your heat pack to the right temperature quickly. That’s where the HMSHYDRO Heating Unit comes in! With the HMSHYDRO Heating Unit, you can quickly and consistently heat packs that last up to 30 minutes for pain relief. No need to worry about your heat pack being too hot or too cold – a thermostat on the HMSHYDRO ensures consistent, reliable temperatures to deliver deep, penetrating pain relief. The HMSHYDRO Heating Unit is made of durable, maintenance-free stainless steel, ensuring a long product life. Its 15lt. tank heats up to an ideal 160° F in just 1 hour, and cool-down takes approximately 3 hours. Because it’s portable, the HMSHYDRO Heating Unit allows you to bring reliable, consistent heat therapy to your patients just about anywhere.

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