LED Surgical Light

Model No. – XN 233 / XN 103 

Simply Maneuverable : Precise 360° positioning at all point of articulation without drift. Ensure effortless movement inside calibrated arms ambient light for minimally invasive surgery.

Variable Color Temperature : Surgeons can optimize their field of view by changing the color temperature with a CRI up to Ra 93.

Deep Cavity Illumination : For better visualization and distinguish between small tissues, light equipped with multicolor LEDs. Multicolor LEDs combination : The multicolor led combination module make it possible to adjust the color temperature, as required by surgeons on depth to wound area with quality light.

Aerodynamic Shape : Keeps light cool, with air supply ceilings with the use of open design

Light Color Pattern Adjustment : The panel & remote is designed with graphical
icons to allow user to quickly learn and easily operate:

  • On/off finger touch switch
  • Light intensity adjustment
  • Light color pattern adjustment
  • echnical Specification :
Model No. XN 233 XN 103
Light head dia 53 cm x 2 53 cm
Illumination intensity @1 m 250,000 Lux 120,000 Lux
Focus dia 15-20 cm 15-20 cm
Color temperature 4300 K 4300 K
CRI (Color Rendering Index) 93 93
Focus adjustable Yes Yes
No. of LEDs 126 63
LEDs lifetime 50,000 hrs 50,000 hrs
Light rotation 360° 360°
Control unit SMPS SMPS



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