Pedestal Medical Lighting

Model No. – Z 300M

The sturdy design of Pedestal Medical Lighting Z 300M is praised for its high illumination intensity that covers full illuminated area presenting a uniform vision. It has a sturdy base comprising of four swiveling castors require for smooth shifting and excellent stability. The range is known to be operated by micro computer digital control showing great illumination ranges from 10% to 100%. This equipment is engrossed with stable and flexible arm suspension system meant for adjusting height and angle.

Key Structure :

  • The operating light designed for the use in high demanding surgical procedures.
  • State of the art LED Bulbs used to ensure low energy consumption and long service life.
  • Light head is resistant to disinfectant, easy to clean.
  • Digital controller with LCD display for showing all important parameter like intensity, on/off.
  • Excellent day light quality and CRI.
  • Micro computer digital control with shifts luminance 10%-100% for selection.
  • Precise positioning at all points of articulation without drift.
  • Flexible and stable balance arms suspension system for height and angle.
  • Ability to adjust the focus dia by sterilize handle.
  • High light intensity across the full illuminated area for uniform vision & exceptionally deep cavity.
  • Sturdy base with four swiveling castors for smooth shifting & better stability.
  • Technical Specification :
Model No. Z 300M
Light Intensity @ 1 mt: 1,00,000 Lux
Number of LED’s: 54
Life-Span of LED’s: 50,000 hrs.
Focus Dia: 15-20 cm
Light Head Size 52.5 cm
Depth of Illumination 100 cm
Color Rendering Index Ra (1): 92
Color Temperature: 4300 K
Illuminating Adjustment: 10% – 100 %
Height Adjustment: 120 cm
Total Power Consumption: 30 W
Focusing: Adjustable
Power Supply: 160V-240V DC, 50Hz
Control Unit: SMPS
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