Remote Controlled RF Table/X-Ray Systems

Product : Remote Controlled RF Table/X-Ray Systems (Digital/Analog)

Models/Ratings : MARS 15/30/40/50/50 /65/80 KW

Series : ANGIO TAB 90 90

Special Features:

  • Zero radiation to radiologist by providing complete remote controlled access.
  • Dynamic FPD (17″ x 17″) embedded inside the table (In Digital Model).
  • 16″ Image Intensifier (In Analog Model)
  • Digital work flow supporting Hospital Management System, PACS and Cloud Reporting.
  • 1K x 1K imaging chain.
  • Oblique exposure with ± 40° tube tilt.
  • Motorized SID adjustments
  • Digital SPOT for high contrast images
  • 2 Way communication system for effective communication between doctor and patient, in the procedure room
  • Local and remote controlled operation
  • LCD Message display for operation and safety limits/interlocks.
  • Upgradable to TOMOGRAPHY.
  • Both side ±90° tilt.
  • Remote diagnostics and calibration.
  • Height adjustment (lower height for easy patient loading in case of trauma/wheel chair patients).
  • Full body scan of patient.
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